Financial and Acquisition System Support Services

Infopact’s Financial System Support Services Include:

  • Support and guidance for the Agency’s financial management and procurement operations
  • Financial and DATA Act audit support. Ensure that financial systems essential data elements and internal controls meet all compliance requirements when processing financial transactions. Develop and implement system changes and internal controls, where necessary.
  • Probing into complex bodies of legislation and regulations, determine specific kinds of data needed, and use informed technical judgment to conclude which data can best be produced by a given application while assuring adherence to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Assisting in the reconciliation of financial data between sub-ledgers and General Ledger and ensure appropriate accounting corrections after evaluating the cause for any inconsistencies.
  • Training agency program offices and procurement team in using financial systems for effectively entering requisitions and awarding of obligations for seamless integration between financial and contract writing systems.
  • Assisting in Policy and Procedure Memorandums.

Contract Acquisition Lifecycle System Support

Infopact’s Contract Acquistion Lifecycle System Support Services Include:


  • Review and evaluation of agency procurement operations as required by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to appraise the effectiveness, controls, and accuracy of systems, policies, and programs. Determine deficiencies and take appropriate actions to ensure inefficient or incomplete operations are corrected in a timely manner by coordinating with the agency procurement team and through improve systems, controls and procedures.
  • Developing policies and procedure documents to guide program offices
  • Procedures to assist procurement with using contract writing systems for different types of solicitations and awards
  • Procedures and Internal controls for compliance with the DATA act
  • Integration with FBO and FPDS-NG
  • Procedures for guidance for efficient interface with Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) for seamless integration