Infopact uses RPA Processes

Part of Infopact’s role as an IT services modernization company is to provide innovative solutions to business processes. Being an Agile company Infopact has always capitalized on emerging technologies to stay competitive in the market in addition to improving our own internal operations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest growing emerging technologies in today’s industry. RPA processes are most effective when used to make repetitive manual tasks automated. For business owners and clients alike the utilization of RPA bots becomes extremely valuable when the time and costs it takes to execute these tasks is drastically reduced. RPA bots excel at extracting structured data and producing it in files that are easily readable to human employees.

Infopact has been using RPA processes for our clients and internal operations alike. Some examples of areas where RPA bots are being utilized are data entry, screen and email scraping, data reconciliation, form data validation.